babies = what now?

  • sam: My favorite is Molly's comment. "babies = happiness"
  • me: I literally just couldn't. I wanted to say something like "babies = ripped vaginas, excessive weight gain, painful boobs, no sleep, no money, increased worry, constant poop and a lack of freedom for the rest of your life. Not sure how you see that as happiness"
  • but I didn't wanna be a bitch. lol.
  • sam: Lmao… and this is why we get along so well.


My Top Ten All Time Favourite Glitter Nail Polishes
Guest post for Powder Doom by Alyssa

For those of you who don’t already know me from my blog Random Acts of Pastel, I love all things glittery, especially nail polishes! I mean, there are really very few things in this world more satisfying than looking down at your purrrfectly glittery paws, don’t you think? 

The only problem is, so many glitter nail polishes look much better in the bottle than on actual nails, or don’t provide as much coverage as you hoped they would. As a long-time glitter polish enthusiast, I’ve tested and tried so many different glitters, and in turn I’ve created an (ever growing) shortlist of my all time favourites. You can thank me later with glittery photos and suggestions of your own?

1. Butter London “Fairy Cake”
I’m a big fan of anything hologram, and this hologram glitter by Butter London is no exception. A magical rainbow of colours, this polish works great as a topcoat, or on its own with two coats for extra coverage.

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